Thursday, March 11, 2010


A software or system which is not tested would be of poor quality. This is because this is the phase where system developed would be tested and reports are prepared about bugs or errors in system. To do this testing phase there are different levels and methods of testing like unit testing, system test and so on. Based on the need the testing methods are chosen and reports are prepared about bugs. After this process the system again goes to development phase for correction of errors and again tested. This process continues until the system is found to be error free. To ease the testing process debuggers or testing tools are also available.

The process of performing a variety of tests on a system to explore functionality or to identify problems. System testing is usually required before and after a system is put in place. A series of systematic procedures are referred to while testing is being performed. These procedures tell the tester how the system should perform and where common mistakes may be found. Testers usually try to "break the system" by entering data that may cause the system to malfunction or return incorrect information. For example, a tester may put in a city in a search engine designed to only accept states, to see how the system will respond to the incorrect input.

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